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The law firm you hire to represent you is one of the most important decisions you will make, and we hope you choose Workman. Conveniently located in Delaware Ohio‚ Workman Law Firm proudly serves all of central Ohio. We regularly practice throughout the State in all Municipal‚ County‚ and State Courts. We are also Licensed to practice in The United States District Courts of Ohio (Northern and Southern Districts)‚ The United States Bankruptcy Courts of Ohio (Northern and Southern Districts)‚ and The United States Tax Court. Although our central location provides us the opportunity and unique ability to practice throughout the entire state‚ we have a significant presence in Crawford‚ Delaware‚ Franklin‚ Hardin‚ Knox‚ Licking‚ Logan‚ Marion‚ Morrow‚ Union‚ and Wyandot counties.

The cornerstone of our practice is the personal interest we take in meeting the legal needs of our clients. Our ability to effectively serve our clients stems from our experience and training in many areas of law‚ combined with our knowledge of‚ and involvement in‚ the communities we serve.

At Workman Law Firm, we understand that the relationship between client and attorney is one built on respect and trust. We recognize that each client comes to us with his or her own unique circumstances and concerns. Learn more about our team and our philosophy.

We also pride ourselves on being an affordable, local option for your legal needs. We know that legal expenses are often surprises, and you may not have planned for those in your budget. Because we are a local Delaware, Ohio law firm, we do everything we can to provide flexible billing options as well as payment plans to our clients, so that you can focus on the legal issues, and not the financials. Learn more about our rates, fees, and payment plans.


Workman Law Firm exists as a full service legal firm for all areas and stages of your life. We are experts in multiple practice areas, with a heavy concentration in Family LawCriminal Law‚ and Bankruptcy. In addition to our traditional and personal approach to client service‚ we also employ state of the art technology and continuing education in our desire to remain current with changes in all areas of the law.

At Workman Law Firm‚ we recognize that people come to us for direction and representation during some of life’s most difficult times. We strive to guide you through this experience with compassionate professionalism and look forward to assisting you with your unique legal needs.

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